Aluminum is a metal found in the second row and group 13 in the periodic table.
It is the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon found in the earth’s crust.
Aluminum is found naturally in compounds but never as a pure metal.
The process of extracting aluminum from its compounds is a complex and pretty difficult process.
Aluminum is a useful and common metal that is known to be light, its malleability and resistant to corrosion.
Aluminum tends to be easier to recycle than to purify from minerals.
It is also quite safe when in contact with skin and for use around food.

Thanks to our know-how and knowledge, CREFIN
manufactures and designs aluminium melting furnaces, deals with
demolition reconstruction and revamping
The furnaces reach a maximum temperature of 1500°F (815°C),
since aluminum melts at about 659°C (659°F), they melt aluminum into scrap or billets
to arrive at a process called die casting.

Crefin manufactures and offers maintenance on :
Fixed or tilting furnaces, the latter equipped with a suspension and hydraulic tilting cylinders,
which guarantees a continuous and precise control of the tilting movement.

The purpose of the melting process is to
be able to control the chemical composition of the
alloy, avoiding gas contamination and inclusions of non-metallic materials.
inclusions of non-metallic materials.
The choice of melting process depends in part on
on the composition and quality required of the alloy
alloy and partly on the nature of the materials that
constituting the charge

Each furnace system is custom designed for the unique requirements of a given project.
However, at the core of each furnace is a solid set of features to build on the foundation of safety,
quality and performance.
In the name of ease of use and efficiency, each furnace comes complete with:

  • .Complete automation and control systems with PLCs and advanced SCADA reporting
    .Advanced low NOx combustion systems with optional recuperative or regenerative systems
    .Resistance to years of thermal and mechanical stresses
    .Excellent refractory design and installation expertise
    .Automatic furnace pressure control systems

We deal with holding furnace, slant door melting furnace,
regenerative burner system, homogenizing furnace, cooling chamber

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