Industrial refractory lining

C.Re.F.In  include refractory service castable, concrete, mortar, ceramic fiber, and construction facilities to fulfill our consumers’ demands in various enterprises . We specialized in the manufacture, installation, repair, and technical support of refractory service on any kind of furnace and plants in different sectors and manufacturing methods Populated design and development divisions will provide design, manufacturing, implementation, and operation for refractory-related items.
Our regional office and warehouse provide expert craftsmen and support personnel to fulfill your needs.
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Internal surfaces of process machinery are lined with refractory material. It insulates the interior surface of boilers, vessels, ducting, and other machinery from high temperatures by serving as a defensive layer of insulation. Equipment is protected from high-temperature discoloration, oxidation, and chemical damage by refractory.
We are leaders in refractory service programs, having completed several projects of varying sizes. If the design is predefined or the implementation is wearable and requires design practice, we have the skills and knowledge to offer all-inclusive support for new implementations and servicing needs

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