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Refractory Construction

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We include castable refractory service, concrete, mortar, ceramic fiber any kind of building structure to meet our customers’ requirements. We specialize in , installation, repair and technical support of refractory services on any type of kiln and plants in different industries and production methods Compound design and development divisions will provide consulting, production, implementation and operation for any refractory item.
Our office provides experienced craftsmen and support staff to meet your needs.

Industrial refractory lining

In addition, we have supplies and coatings for industrial catering. Turnkey solution optimization techniques and price increase suppliers of the manufacturing process. Control devices, steam oxidizers, furnaces, kilns, air or fuel trains, regulators, incinerators, insulation materials, fabrication, maintenance, engineering, machining, fireproofing, retrofitting, furnace control, architecture and on-site technical support are among the services offered. Aluminum, titanium, iron, molten metal storage, heat treatment, power generation, petrochemicals, cement/lime, ceramics and glass manufacturing are among the industries represented.

Refractory Construction linings

Structural and industrial coatings for refineries, petrochemical plants, Main operations include refractory service, furnace plant implementation and supervision of projects .
Refractory service Coatings and impairment development plants for the cement & lime industry, power plants, petrochemical plants, power plants & cogeneration, smelting & metal stoves, and incineration, as well as supporting design-build and production classes. We are your partner for refractory construction services.
Our company was founded 70 years ago to serve customers in a variety of processing industries, including petrochemical, smelting, waste incineration, energy, cement and lime. We are nationally recognized for our expertise in complex construction programs, planned outages and emergencies.

Other refractory services

Industrial demolitions

hot condition work

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