Crefin Srl makes every type of refractory lining

Melting and Holding

Molded and unmolded refractory


Regular Maintenance Refractory

CREFIN, a company specialized in the field of refractory linings, offers project management of furnaces, assembly of refractory solutions and maintenance of refractory linings. Project management of refractory linings within different sectors such as cement factories, glass industry, petrochemical and refining plants, industrial furnaces and incinerators, aluminum, iron and steel plants, industrial boilers and biomass.

Crefin is DNV certified and offers its specific expertise in furnaces, industrial boilers and incinerators in a framework of safety, health and environment. We are able to offer project management in refractory lining including supervision, targeted intervention but also tailor-made key in hand solutions:

– Safety installations
– Scaffolding works
– Insulation works
– Demolition of refractories : manual or mechanized
– Anchorage welding works
– Manual or mechanized rubble evacuation
– Refractory works: briquetting Casting of formworks, Gunning, Ramming
– Drying of refractories